Lancashire Vintage China Hire for all your Event Hire Requirements

Lancashire Vintage China Hire

Glassware Hire

Whether you’re looking for Vintage Crystal, champagne saucers or modern glassware, Lancashire Vintage China Hire has just what you need to celebrate your event.

We have an extensive range and all our glassware is polished and ready for use. Please note we also have Kilner glass drinks dispensers and cafetieres available.

 Glassware only orders may attract a surcharge, please contact us for details

Gin Balloon Glass 8″ 20cm Tall 20Fl oz 591cc Capacity


Large ice bucket or bottled drinks cooler


Stainless Steel Ice Bucket


Stainless Steel Ice Bucket, 45 available

Lead Crystal Wine Glass Hire

Lead Crystal Wine Glass

Lead Crystal Champagne Flute Hire Chorley with delivery available

Lead Crystal Champagne Flute

Champagne Saucer Hire Chorley Lancashire

Champagne Saucer 15.5cl capacity

Champagne Flute Hire

Champagne Flute

Large Wine Glass Hire

Large Wine Glass 7.25″ 18cm Tall 12 Fl oz 340cc Capacity

Whiskey Tumbler for Hire

Whiskey Tumbler

Half Pint Glass Hire

Hi-Ball Half Pint Glass 6″ high

Pint Glass Hire

Pint Glass

Vintage Style Tumbler Hire

Vintage Style Tumbler

Shot Glass hire Chorley

Shot Glass

Pina Colada Cocktail Glass Hire Chorley

Pina Colada Cocktail Glass 8″ 20.3cm tall 15.5 Fl oz 460cc Capacity

Martini Cocktail Glass Hire

Martini Cocktail Glass 6″ 15cm Tall 6Fl oz 175cc Capacity

Small Glass Sauce Jug hire

Small Glass Sauce Jug

Glass Water Jug hire

Glass Water Jug

Kilner Drinks Dispenser Hire

Kilner Drinks Dispenser, 5 litres

8 Cup Cafetiere hire

8 Cup Cafetiere

Glass Partition Bowls for nuts, olives etc (Vintage) for hire Chorley

Glass Partition Bowls for nuts, olives etc (Vintage)

Glass bowls (Vintage) Chorley

Glass small bowls (Vintage)

Glass Salad /Trifle Bowl (Vintage) for Hire Chorley

Glass Salad /Trifle Bowl (Vintage)